Conflict of Interest

July 2023
Recently a respected competitor published an article condemning most pharmacy benefit consultants for not disclosing conflicts of interest. They correctly pointed out that many big corporations such as “Boeing and UPS to local school systems” hire pharmacy benefit consulting firms to help them manage PBM contracts, and that many of these firms collect hidden fees from these PBM’s that create a perverse incentive for the consulting firm.

CCRx wants to be crystal clear on this point: We NEVER accept payments from PBM’s for the placement of business. In some cases, we may have the PBM facilitate the payment of part or all of our fee, but this is done only to simplify invoicing for our clients and it is ALWAYS disclosed to the client. We NEVER accept any fees from a PBM as a commission, or payment from the PBM in exchange for our recommendation, and we are happy to include this statement in our contracts with our clients.

We definitely agree 100% with our competitor on this, and many other points. Conflicts of interest are common in this industry. Most PBM consultants are NOT aligned with the interests of their clients, but instead act as an external sales arm for a big PBM. And they do very little, if anything, to help their clients save money.

CCRx does a lot more than just negotiate PBM pricing. We help our clients understand the four critical areas that impact pharmacy spend. These areas are pricing, drug mix, utilization, and plan design. We help our clients manage each of these four areas to ensure the best possible health outcomes for your members at the lowest possible, net cost. We take this approach because we know that managing just one of these areas is not enough! Pharmacy is complex, and if a Plan Sponsor’s goal is to provide a member friendly benefit that maximizes positive health outcomes at the lowest cost, all four of these areas must be properly managed.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

A new drug has been approved by the FDA for Alzheimer’s patients

July 2023
Leqembi which is given intravenously, has a U.S. list price of $26,500 per year.” The “new label explains the need to monitor patients for potentially dangerous brain swelling and bleeding associated with amyloid-lowering antibodies.” Additionally, “the drug’s new label includes data showing that the use of certain anti-coagulants with Leqembi has been linked to a risk of brain hemorrhage.”

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