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Gain clarity on your pharmacy benefit pricing and ensure competitiveness with Crystal Clear Rx’s Audit and Rx Claim Monitoring services. Uncover insights into your pricing structure and compare it with industry standards to optimize cost-efficiency.

Critical Questions

Our Expert Audits Get Answers

Our expert audits address key questions such as:

Why is an audit necessary, and does my PBM have to adhere to their initial pricing agreements? We offer flexible audit options, whether single or multi-year, delving into financials to ensure contract guarantees are met and reviewing plan details for optimal management of copays and prior authorizations.

Additionally, our ongoing claims monitoring provides real-time insights, allowing you to take proactive measures and avoid unnecessary costs. Trust Crystal Clear Rx to empower you with actionable data, safeguarding your bottom line and maximizing the value of your pharmacy benefit.

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Each of these concerns may be draining your resources. Crystal Clear Rx is proficient in the intricacies of the pharmacy benefit audit, and continually seeks avenues for cost savings and enhanced value for our clients. Trust us to safeguard your bottom line while optimizing your pharmacy benefit.


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