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Managing the Costs of GLP-1 Drugs: A Strategic Approach

Managing the Costs of GLP-1 Drugs: A Strategic Approach June 2024At Crystal Clear Rx (CCRx), we understand that the rising popularity and costs of GLP-1 drugs have raised many questions and concerns. We aim to provide clarity and guidance on managing these expenses...

Common PBM Cost Tactics

Common PBM Cost Tactics May 2024 Understanding pharmacy program costs: Amidst the myriad of articles exposing the questionable practices of PBMs, the urgency to address these issues intensifies. These practices not only inflate medication costs for patients but also...

What Is The Right Copay Strategy?

What Is The Right Copay Strategy? January 2024Crystal Clear Rx clients know that effectively managing the pharmacy benefit involves more than just PBM pricing. Utilization, Drug Mix, and Plan Design also impact the amount of money the Plan spends on their pharmacy...

The “Skinny” on Weight Loss Drugs

The “Skinny” on Weight Loss Drugs November 2023A lot of attention has been given lately to a new class of drugs called GLP-1’s. These drugs are increasingly being prescribed for type 2 diabetes and weight loss. Most Crystal Clear Rx clients cover these drugs for...

What to look for in a pharmacy benefit consultant

What to look for in a Pharmacy Benefit Consultant November 21, 2023Nobody wants to pay more than they should for any product or service. So, when many companies become concerned over pharmacy benefit costs, they may look for a Pharmacy Benefits Consultant or firm who...

Walgreens and CVS pharmacist Walk-outs

Walgreens and CVS pharmacist Walk-outs October 30th, 2023You may have recently seen news stories regarding pharmacist walk-outs at both Walgreens and CVS, and the potential for further work stoppages in the future at both of these companies, and potentially at other...

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