Oversight of Your Entire Rx Benefit.


For comprehensive oversight of your Rx benefit, trust an advisor well-versed in PBM operations and business dynamics. Crystal Clear Rx ensures full scrutiny of your pharmacy benefit, identifying potential leaks and inefficiencies across its various components.

Critical Questions

Industry Knowledge

  • Did you know Average Wholesale Price (AWP) discounts can be manipulated?
  • Is your PBM delivering on financial promises?
  • Have you done a formulary review to benefit your members and save money?
  • What information is in your claims data that can save you money?
  • Are certain pharmacies driving up costs compared to others?
  • Is member safety adequately monitored?
  • Are members inadvertently choosing costly medications over more affordable alternatives?
  • Are you aware of your true medication expenditure?

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Each of these concerns may be draining your resources. Crystal Clear Rx is proficient in the intricacies of the pharmacy benefit, and continually seeks avenues for cost savings and enhanced value for our clients. Trust us to safeguard your bottom line while optimizing your pharmacy benefit.


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