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To achieve comprehensive oversight of your pharmacy benefit, it’s essential to partner with an advisor well-versed in PBM operations and perspectives.  Crystal Clear Rx offers comprehensive oversight of your Rx benefit, ensuring transparency and efficiency. 

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Pharmacy Benefit Solution

Experience our 360-degree pharmacy benefit approach, where we analyze costs, optimize formularies, and enhance member experiences for comprehensive solutions.

Rx Claims

Ensure your pricing competitiveness and avoid overpayment for medications compared to industry standards. 

Improved Health Outcomes

We can provide education and information to your members that may lower your cost and increase member satisfaction. 

Audit Software

Our proprietary audit software assesses disparities in pharmacy costs, physician prescribing practices, and member behavior on your overall medication spending.

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“For any plan purchaser, if they don’t have a transparent firm monitoring their PBM contract, there is a significant chance that they will experience abuse. In my opinion, they should have a PBM consultant working for them. There are many moving parts to PBM pricing and not a large majority of people with Expertise like Crystal Clear Rx.”
-Ken Stuart


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