Rx Benefit Consulting

We are not just your PBM consultant, we are your trusted advocate and advisor.
Crystal Clear Rx provides Rx Benefit consulting that is focused only on your best interests:

Did You Know…

  1. We accept no money from PBMs or other sources to place business. (Does your consultant provide 100% unbiased views? Even when they receive monies from your PBM?)
  2. Our experience is unmatched. (We have decades of expertise in analytics, compliance, medication therapy management, formulary design to mention a few.)
  3. Our Analytics cut through the fog of the pharmacy benefit to show you clear actions that can reduce cost. (Do you have unbiased, actionable analysis now? Are you sure?)

Our Consulting Services Include:

  • Contract Review and advice. (Do you know what a brand is? Are you sure?)
  • Clinical Review and management.
  • Lower-cost sourcing options for high-cost specialty drugs.
  • Formulary Review and advice. (All formularies are the same…right? What is the right formulary?)
  • Individual Project Work (When you have unique needs, who can support your initiatives?)

To learn more about CCRx Benefit Consulting Services, call 303-955-7827 or email us at sales@crystalclearrx.com.