By Tim Thomas / On Aug.30.2016 / In PBM, Pharmacy Benefits Management, Pharmacy Benefits,

When reviewing a PBM contract and benefits plan, there are a few areas I always analyze to ensure maximum savings are being achieved for my clients. Areas of concern are formularies, benefits design and specialty/mail pharmacy.

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How to Improve Your PBM Contract

By Tim Thomas / On Aug.08.2016 / In PBM contract, PBM, Pharmacy Benefits Manager, crystal clear rx, Tim Thomas, benefits design,

If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely aware how cumbersome and intricate pharmacy benefit management (PBM) contracts can be. Negotiating these contracts properly takes a deep understanding of PBM business practices and definitions, industry-specific language, and pricing structures.

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Weathering the Rx Storm

By Tim Thomas / On Aug.08.2016 / In crystal clear rx, benefits design, healthcare, health care, health benefits, PBM, Pharmacy Benefits Manager,

If you are like most employers today, you are in the midst of a confusing landscape when it comes to managing pharmacy benefits. Making sound decisions on your Rx benefits design can be difficult and costly if you don’t have the right resources at hand. 

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Maybe you should sweat the small stuff

By Crystal Clear Rx / On Jul.14.2014 / In PBM, PBM Industry, PBM contract, pass through PBM,

In 1997, Richard Carlson wrote a great book titled “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff."  Although I agree totally with the premise of that book in the general context of our daily lives, it may not be a good strategy when it comes to pharmacy benefits. Over the next few BLOG posts we will discuss some of these.

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