About Us

Crystal Clear Rx is a software and professional services company serving the Pharmacy Benefits Industry


Why CCRx?

The Crystal Clear Rx team is made up of experts looking to bring your organization transparency in the pharmacy benefit arena. Our team of trusted advisors are dedicated to your company’s business goals (vs. those of your PBM). Our goal is help maximize your Rx benefit, and our clients hire us to better understand, manage and reduce their pharmacy benefit cost.

Utilizing proprietary data analytics software, our expert consultants help our clients see what’s really going on with their pharmacy benefit and why. No longer are clients operating with limited knowledge and dependent on only their PBM for information. We help create a level playing field, bringing a new sense of transparency that allows our clients to know as much about their Rx benefit as the PBM does. Being armed with this information can result in as much as a 15% reduction in pharmacy benefit costs for your company or organization.


Our Philosophy.

When you work with Crystal Clear Rx you’ll notice something different. We have never taken any reimbursement from a PBM for placing business. Our ONLY focus is to bring the most value to your Rx benefit and ensure the PBM or vendor selected performs their function in the most cost effective manner.