Why CCRx?

The #1 reason you should consider partnering with CCRx is because we have a proven track record of helping companies get the most value for their Rx benefit.

Here are a few more reasons to work with us…

Industry Expertise

With more than 165 years of combined industry expertise working in and with companies just like yours, our team provides unmatched service and counsel. Our staff includes PhDs, past pharmacists, sales and operations executives and leaders from the world of corporate HR and Finance.

Client Interests Come First

CCRx interests are always aligned with our clients. We never accept fees from PBMs for bringing them new business. Instead, we focus on the needs of our clients, and we recommend solutions that help them best achieve their goals.

Unrivaled Insight & Analytics

With thorough, sophisticated analysis and our carefully designed, intuitive proprietary audit software, we’ll provide you with a clear and accurate understanding of your pharmacy benefit costs and show you where you could be saving.

Somebody once said, “what you don’t know, can’t hurt you,” but we disagree. When you aren’t fully informed, you can be sure it’s costing you something.

When you have all of the right information to make important decisions, the results (and savings) can be significant. Crystal Clear Rx will help you cut through the ambiguity and deliver actionable insights to help your organization prevent overspend.

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