PBM Services and Resource Selection

Crystal Clear Rx Provides the Following PBM and Resource Selection Services:

  • Open RFI/RFPs (Crystal Clear will vet client PBM choices and provide best options.)
  • Managed RFI/RFPs (Crystal Clear has a list of vetted PBMs for clients to choose from.)
  • A “Request For Promises” process that evaluates both traditional and pass-through model PBMs.
  • RFP’s weighted according to client priorities and requirements.
  • Ongoing guidance through the contract negotiation process.

…And, we’ll help you answer these important questions:
What should I look for in a PBM? Aren’t the big guys going to give me the best price?
To learn more about our PBM Resource Selection Services, call 303-955-7827 or email us sales@crystalclearrx.com.