Oversight of your entire Rx benefit

The only way to have complete oversight of your pharmacy benefit is to use an advisor that understands how PBMs administer, manage and view your business.

Crystal Clear Rx can provide complete oversight of your Rx benefit.

Your pharmacy benefit has many moving pieces and there are many areas in which your dollars may be leaking away. We are industry experts that look at ALL aspects of your pharmacy benefit and identify problems. More importantly, we offer actionable information tied to these questions:

  • What if one pharmacy or chain you’re using is costing more than others?
  • What if physicians are prescribing more expensive medications than necessary?
  • What if your member is using multiple pharmacies or physicians?
  • Is anyone watching out for member safety?
  • Is your PBM performing financially, as promised?
  • Are your members “buying” medications that cost thousands when equivalent therapy could cost just a few dollars?
  • Do you know what you are really spending for medications? (Hint: Your AWP discount isn’t telling you that)

All of these issues can be costing you money. Crystal Clear Rx knows the entire pharmacy benefit distribution channel and is constantly looking for ways to save money and increase the value of the pharmacy benefit for our clients.

To learn more about CCRx, call 303-955-7827 or email us at sales@crystalclearrx.com.