How we benefit you.

No Matter where you are in your Pharmacy Benefits Journey, Crystal Clear Rx can……

Help you get the best value for your Rx benefit dollar

  • Is the only source of your knowledge regarding your Rx Benefit your PBM’s annual report?
    • We can provide a real cost comparison to determine if you are leaving money on the table
  • Do you know how you compare to others regarding your Rx cost?
    • We can provide information thru real-world market pricing (not just aggregate book of business numbers)
  • Have you audited your PBM? Are you monitoring their financial performance?
    • We can provide much deeper information to you (Not just AWP discount guarantee falsehoods) so you can decide your best course of action

Provide Rx Cost Management

  • Crystal Clear Rx can analyze and if necessary, improve your formulary driving value instead of “chasing” rebates
  • We evaluate PBM’s and other vendors to help you find the best options at the lowest possible cost
  • We help our clients build benefit programs that achieve goals but which don’t cause headaches for members or the HR team.

Improve the outcomes of your members/employees

  • Our Member First program is designed to provide critical care and resources to those members who need it the most. The top 1-2% of members are usually responsible for 50% of total, Rx spend.
  • We can provide education and information to your members that may lower your cost, increase member satisfaction and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations or ER visits.

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