AUDIT/Rx Claim Monitoring

Do you know if your pricing is competitive?
Are you paying more than your peers for the same drugs?

We’ll help you answer these questions:

  • Why do I need an audit? My PBM has to honor their original pricing, right?
  • Can’t I audit my PBM whenever I need to?
  • Does paying an invoice mean I have agreed to the price they’re charging me?

Our PBM Audits:

  • Can be single or multi-year
  • Review financials (Are contract “guarantees” being met?
  • Review your current plan (Are copays , Prior Authorizations, etc. being managed appropriately?)
  • Determine if rebate guarantees are being met

…And our ongoing Claims Monitoring helps you identify what is happening much sooner (and can therefore take action rather than waiting years and absorbing costs that could have been avoided.)

To learn more about our PBM Auditing and Claims Monitoring Services, call 303-955-7827 or email us at