PBM Services for Taft-Hartley Health & Welfare Funds

Offering clarity and offering ways to save money on your Rx benefits.

Crystal Clear Rx will provide your Funds with unbiased insight and strategic direction through our unmatched experience, state-of-the-art analytics and integrity.

As your partner and trusted advisor, we wear many hats. We work only for your best interests and our goal is to ensure that you receive the full benefits afforded from your current PBM arrangement. Our unique approach has saved our multiemployer clients up to 15% on their pharmacy expenditures.

Years of working in the PBM industry as both pharmacists and client services personnel has allowed CCRX to identify three key steps for success: 

Step 1:

We analyze your current situation to identify “red flags” and/or “areas of concerns” within your PBM agreement. We will assess how your plan compares to the current market standard, determine if your PBM is in financial compliance and target areas where you are paying too much.

Step 2:

Based upon the outcome of Step 1, we recommend the best approach to take and either assist you with this process or direct you towards the best course of action to take.

Step 3:

CCRX will review your plan on an ongoing basis to see what is working, what is not, and whether corrective measures should be undertaken.

Crystal Clear Services:

  • Crystal Market Check
  • Crystal Audit
  • Crystal Select
  • Crystal Consulting
  • Crystal View (PBM Agnostic Reporting)
  • Crystal Impact (Monitoring)

Taft-Hartley Health & Welfare Funds Product Sheet