PBM Services for Government Agencies

Offering Government Agencies PBM Intelligence, Analysis, & Knowledge

Government agencies, just like private corporations, need to obtain the best value for services purchased. Crystal Clear Rx can help government agencies obtain value through our industry leading software and analytic reporting process. We identify trends and opportunities with regular monitoring that can ensure your existing PBM is performing up to expectations and contractual obligations.

If a new PBM is needed for a specific government agency, Crystal Clear Rx can work with your team to help identify the best PBM model that will achieve your business and financial goals. We provide independent auditing and consulting services and are not associated with and/or receive any financial benefits from any PBM.

Services for Government Agencies

  • PBM Auditing
  • PBM Selection
  • PBM Contract Review and Consulting
  • Pharmacy Cost Management Program
  • PBM Agnostic Reporting
  • PBM Performance Monitoring (Early Warning System)