PBM Services for Employers

Offering Employers PBM Intelligence, Analysis, & Knowledge

Crystal Clear Rx understands the complex strategies involved in effectively managing pharmacy benefits. There are numerous relationships and moving parts to keep track of, and often, this results in unmonitored and runaway drug spend. Our clients often admit they’ve entered into a PBM contract without fully understanding the implications. They fear they have no control and are not sure what questions to ask after the contract is executed. The aftermath can be very costly and frustrating for employers. It’s never too late to ask for information and take back control. We will help you every step of the way. 
Crystal Clear Rx offers full service, start to finish PBM RFI and RFP support. Every employer has unique business needs and priorities. Our consultants have considerable experience both writing and responding to PBM RFIs and RFPs. Preparing a comprehensive PBM RFP can be an arduous task and is not guaranteed to elicit clear and factual responses. Crystal Clear Rx drafts unique and specific PBM RFI & RFP analyses customized around each PBM contract as well as the needs and priorities of our clients. Our industry experience helps you cut through typical response ambiguities & avoid false promises. Our secret is knowing the right questions to ask and asking them in the right way. Factual responses allow employers to compare priorities more quickly and make important decisions more confidently. 
Employers come in all shapes and sizes. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not limit ourselves to a particular minimum or size. We have the resources to help a wide variety, from Fortune 100 clients, to small businesses with only a few hundred employees. Crystal Clear Rx is committed and proud to remain an independent company. Unlike some competitors, we accept no kick-backs or reimbursements, of any form, from PBMs or Big Pharma. Our priority is to inform, support and save our clients money on their pharmacy benefit. 
Our PBM RFP services come with a collective 50 years of experience in the pharmacy industry. Our professional team provides a personal and insightful approach to pharmacy benefits consulting. We understand your objectives and challenges and strive to provide honest information so that you can be confident you’re getting a fair deal.

We offer the following services for all employers:

  • PBM Selection Services
  • RFP Process Development and Management
  • PBM Consulting
  • PBM Auditing
  • PBM Performance Monitoring (Early Warning System)

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