PBM Services for Consultants

Providing Brokers and Third Party Administrators with PBM Intelligence, Analysis, and Knowledge

Crystal Clear Rx provides CFOs, HR Administrators, and Union Group Managing Directors vital information, resulting in cost saving opportunities to ensure better service to their clients. Our automated and innovative auditing processes help uncover opportunities to maximize value and mitigate cost within your pharmacy benefit program. As PBM consultants, we make it our mission to provide you with the information you need to augment what you can offer to maximize your clients’ benefit program. 

Our industry experience combined with ClaimWatchRx, our PBM monitoring & audit system, allows us to analyze your raw claims data and help identify potential savings opportunities. Our monitoring and audit system provides our clients with pre-emptive alerts, resulting in the ability to take action and avoid potential overspend.


ClaimWatchRx helps provide you with the peace of mind that your pharmacy benefit program is being managed as effectively and aggressively as your PBM contract guarantees, regardless of your contracted PBM. This proprietary software helps payers stay aware of potential overspend. With its user-friendly interface and modern features, you can save valuable time and feel confident that you are receiving maximum value from your PBM.

As a PBM consultant, our team will work directly with you and your PBM to monitor & resolve possible costly pricing discrepencies. As a result, our clients have more time to focus on other areas of their business with the peace of mind that their pharmacy benefit is being managed effectively and performing exactly or better than contracted. 

Here are the PBM consulting services we provide for a variety of benefits administrators and payers: 

  • PBM Selection
  • PBM Auditing
  • PBM Proposal & Contract Reviews
  • Real-Time Benefit Spend Monitoring
  • Agnostic PBM Reporting
  • Full RFP Support

We offer free review of your current PBM contract. Get started now!