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Mental health framework well-intentioned but lacks detail on new funding and service delivery, Australia

The AMA has welcomed the overall intent of the Government's new mental health framework, but questions remain over new funding, on-the-ground service delivery, and the ongoing role of the Federal...

Changes in cervical cancer stage at diagnosis and initial treatment among young women before and after ACA

Although based on early data, study findings suggest an association between the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Expansion provision and cervical cancer stage at diagnosis and receipt of...

Without prescription coverage, some cancer patients do without even low-cost drugs

University of Colorado Cancer Center study shows that for breast cancer survivors without prescription coverage, even relatively low-cost medicines can be 'catastrophic'.

Kids with Medicaid, CHIP get more preventive care than those with private insurance

Children insured by Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) were more likely to get preventive medical and dental care than privately insured children in a study that compared...

Nerve cells warn brain of damage to the inner ear

Some nerve cells in the inner ear can signal tissue damage in a way similar to pain-sensing nerve cells in the body, according to new research from Johns Hopkins.

'Tummy tuck' complications -- Study looks at rates and risk factors

Abdominoplasty--sometimes called "tummy tuck"--has a higher risk of major complications than other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, reports a study in the November issue of Plastic and...

Do hospitals tell patients about charity care options? Study finds room for improvement

As Affordable Care Act requirements take full effect next year, patients with no insurance or big bills should ask about available help, U-M team says.

Study examines lack of specialists in insurance plans of Affordable Care Act

In a study of federal marketplace insurance plans, nearly 15 percent completely lacked in-network physicians for at least 1 specialty, a practice found among multiple states and issuers, raising...