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Nerve cells warn brain of damage to the inner ear

Some nerve cells in the inner ear can signal tissue damage in a way similar to pain-sensing nerve cells in the body, according to new research from Johns Hopkins.

'Tummy tuck' complications -- Study looks at rates and risk factors

Abdominoplasty--sometimes called "tummy tuck"--has a higher risk of major complications than other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, reports a study in the November issue of Plastic and...

Do hospitals tell patients about charity care options? Study finds room for improvement

As Affordable Care Act requirements take full effect next year, patients with no insurance or big bills should ask about available help, U-M team says.

Study examines lack of specialists in insurance plans of Affordable Care Act

In a study of federal marketplace insurance plans, nearly 15 percent completely lacked in-network physicians for at least 1 specialty, a practice found among multiple states and issuers, raising...

Young Latinos experience discrimination when obtaining health care, research shows

Young Latinos living in rural areas say they face discrimination when they obtain health care services - a factor that could contribute to disparities in their rates for obtaining medical care and in...

Ancient human ear-orienting system could yield clues to hearing deficits in infants

Vestigial organs, such as the wisdom teeth in humans, are those that have become functionless through the course of evolution.

Older tobacco users pay more for health insurance under Affordable Care Act

Smokers faced with choice to either lie about tobacco use or pay surchargeA new study finds tobacco users would pay more for a health insurance plan from the Affordable Care Act exchanges than...

Affordable Care Act helps Virginia improve HIV outcomes

Low-income HIV patients enrolled in Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care plans achieved better outcomes and the resulting cost savings allowed the state of Virginia to support care for more...

Global studies in October Health Affairs

The October issue of Health Affairs includes several articles about global health, including lessons United States consumers and policymakers can glean from other countries' past experiences with...