What is Specialty Pharmacy and Why Should I Care About It?

By admin / On Oct.28.2013 / In / Width

Specialty Pharmacy refers to the newer type of prescription medicines coming to market that have some unique features to them.

  1. They are very expensive.
  2. Very often they are injectable type medications.
  3. They can be specific to a type of illness or person.
  4. They often require special handling or training to dispense or deliver.
  5. Very often not stocked at a local retail pharmacy so may need to be special ordered from a Mail Service Pharmacy or a “Specialty Pharmacy”.

Specialty pharmacy is already a very expensive portion of the overall pharmacy costs for an employer or payer.  Typically this number is between 10 and 20 % of the total pharmacy expenditure in 2013.  There are some estimates that by 2018 to 2020 the Specialty Pharmacy expenditure may reach 50 % or greater.