Maybe you should sweat the small stuff

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In 1997, Richard Carlson wrote a great book titled “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff."  Although I agree totally with the premise of that book in the general context of our daily lives, it may not be a good strategy when it comes to pharmacy benefits. Over the next few BLOG posts we will discuss some of these.

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Flash Boys and the Pharmacy Benefit Industry: Much in common

By tthomas / On Apr.29.2014 / In Flash Boys, PBM Industry, PBM,

Flash Boys:

Have you heard about Flash Boys: A Wall Street revolt? The book has intrigue, scandal, political posturing but unfortunately it also has bad news.  The bad news is savvy yet unscrupulous people on Wall Street have rigged the system to electronically pick the pockets of people on Main Street.  The good news is there is a small band of heroes that uncovers the secrets and form their own investment group that provides a place in the market for investors to get honest help and fair practice to manage their money.

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Tips for Brokers of PBM Benefits

By tthomas / On Nov.01.2013 / In PBM, Traditional PBM,

Traditional model PBMs usually do not charge an administrative fee.

They make their money in other ways. Network spreads, rebate retainment and their mail order operations.  The biggest PBMs operate in this manner, have sophisticated programs and are quite experienced.  The downside is you don’t know how much money they are making.
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"Traditional" PBM Model. How the Money is Made

By tthomas / On Oct.30.2013 / In PBM,

In a “traditional” PBM model, the vast majority of their money is made in three ways:

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